Varesco Group is a dependable, fast-working and professional international business team.

Our international network of contacts and multi-lingual staff offers customers a global service, products and services in the food and farming industries and in the marketing and sales of fruit and plants. As a company, the goal of Varesco Group is to contribute to the success of its customers with its finest products and services resulting from its know-how and experience.

Selected products

We work exclusively with suppliers who are able to guarantee international certification. Our team of experts make it possible for us to guarantee product safety, its traceability and quality control.


Our duty is to satisfy the requests of our customers. We are also committed to the skilled and dependable administration of all necessary processes, supplying all kinds of packaging and supervising the entire logistic process.

Management in real time

Varesco Group manages every association in real time in order to guarantee the success of our business relationships – from filling your order to its delivery.

Prompt delivery

Our products are invariably monitored thanks to our close and ongoing relationships with our expert and dependable logistics partners located all over the world.

Varesco. Our porducts.

Tropical Fruit

Fruit is meticulously supervised – from the harvest to packaging and marketing – by our team so that the trust our clients have placed in us is always maintained


The healthiest and tastiest BERRIES from QUALITY FARMS from all over the world at your fingertips. Berries are our passion and speciality.

Convenience Fruit

Fresh-cut. Varesco invites you to discover the Convenience Fruit product range. High quality standards and shelf life.


We supply high quality cocoa products. Every day in close contact with the producers, we guarantee a rigorous quality control system, for customers, with particular attention to the environment.


All our producers have a long experience in the cultivation of vanilla respecting the traditional methods of treatment of the product.

Food raw materials

The raw materials (herbs, tea, fruit or vegetable powders, coffee, oils …) from wild plantations guarantee the naturalness and quality of the products.

Dry and liquid
dairy products

Our products retain their NATURAL FRESHNESS, are easily workable and ideal for preparations with a unique flavor.

Propolis and honey

Propolis and honey BIO from Bee Farm in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Premium, organic honey and propolis, products without pesticide and other substances.

Berries food ingredients.

Products based on high quality berries from Finnish forests, raw materials for the food, health and cosmetics industries.

Coconut oil

Our team of experts make it possible for us to guarantee product safety, its traceability and quality control.


Our products retain their natural aroma, are easy to process
and ideal for preparations with a unique taste.

Social responsability

Varesco promotes development cooperation, social responsibility and environmental protection.

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