Ginger and fruit powders

Natural high quality products.



Ginger is a spice with many food uses, adding flavour to drinks, meat, fish and soups. Its taste is unmistakable, aromatic and slightly spicy. Ginger can be used on its own or in combination. Varesco ginger comes from the Central Jungle of Peru and is available as root or powder. Of high quality, Peruvian ginger is recognisable by its colour, aroma, texture and size.


Varesco’s African ginger is harvested and produced in Nigeria by a cooperative of women. Seventy per cent of them are indigenous, from the local communities where we operate, in order to support social, economic and environmental development. Our Nigerian ginger is strongly aromatic with a lingering, delicate lemon note.

Fruit powders

Our 100% natural fruit powders originate in the heart of Colombia. The fruits are grown in different areas with the best agricultural practices, which guarantee traceability and residue control. They are produced using a spray-drying process, which preserves their properties for healthy consumption, with no added sugar.

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