varesco group Logistics

Varesco Group GmbH is capable of providing adequate logistics throughout processing and distribution.

Many years of experience in the industry permit us to offer our customers and suppliers the kind of global distribution that will reach every market safely, rapidly and conveniently. We can guarantee the traceability of every product we process by combining quality, safety and dependability. For products that call for a cold chain, we guarantee that it won’t be interrupted and will maintain a constant temperature for the products to ensure their natural shelf life.

Our staff is made up of specialized and qualified operators who have the ability to support our partners during every phase of the logistic process and can assist them in their choice of packaging, if requested, to better reach and obtain new markets.

Varesco Group GmbH operates in Italy and in Europe as well in other countries and always succeeds in guaranteeing safety and constant provision, delivery and traceability of products thanks to the efficiency of our operative facility, the result of many years of experience in the industry.

Varesco Group