Berries food ingredients.

High-quality berry products and raw material for food and cosmetics industries. Our products are deeply rooted in Finnish forests.

Quality & Values



(Vaccinium myrtillus)


(Vaccinium vitis-idaea)


(Vaccinium oxycoccos)

Mountain bilberry / crowberry

(Empetrum nigrum)

Red currant

Black and red currant

(Ribes nigrum & Ribes rubrum)


(Rubus chamaemorus)


(Hippophaé rhamnoides)


(Sorbus aucuparia)


(Aronia melanocarpa)

Frozen berries

Delicious IQF frozen berries for e.g. jams, jellies, baby food, HORECA use, and health products. Organic alternatives available.

NFC juices

Made from 100% pure berries, with the genuine flavour and colour preserved. Use e.g. in high-quality juices, mulled wine and alcoholic beverages. Organic alternatives available.

Juice concentrates

100 % natural, no additives. Delicious ingredient in e.g. juices and beverages, soups, sauces, marinades and sweets. Organic alternatives available.


Tasty add to e.g. desserts, sauces, sweets,beverages and bakery products. No additives. Brix 70.


Purées without seeds: soft, skin removed.

Purées with seeds: the whole berry with skin included.

100% natural, no additives. Suitable for e.g. jams, nectars, baby food, soups, jellies, desserts, smoothies. Organic alternatives available.


Perfect ingredient for e.g. natural products, baked goods, snacks, porridges and mueslis, natural cosmetics. 100% berry powder, with all vitamins, natural flavonoids and minerals preserved. Organic alternatives available.

Spray dried powders

Suitable for e.g. sports drinks, natural products anddietary supplements. Made of 100% berry juice concentrate,completely water soluble. Organic alternatives available.

Crushed berries

Both dried and sweet berry alternatives, with different particle sizes. Organic alternatives available. 

Dried berries

A healthy ingredient in e.g. biscuits, snack bars, muesli and porridge mixes, teas, desserts, yogurts, ice creams, or to be enjoyed as they are.

Choose from berries without added sugar, or berries sweetened with liquid sugar or pear juice. No additives. Organic alternatives available.


Berry seeds are a source ofpure, healthy seed oils. They are utilised in e.g. cosmetics and natural products.

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