Our team works directly with local growers to produce vanilla and market it efficiently, according to customer needs.

All our producers have a long experience in the cultivation of vanilla respecting the traditional methods of treatment of the product.

Vanilla is subjected to continuous quality control, guaranteed by traceability and provided by all analyzes.

Our production geographical areas are Madagascar, Mexico and Indonesia.

vanilla bean varesco

Vaniglia Mexico

Vanilla beans

Provenance: Papantla, Veracruz, Mèx
Packaging: Vacuum packed from:
50 gr / 100 gr / 250 gr / 500 gr / 1 kg​

Tipologia Tasso Umidità
Vanilla beans Grado Gourmet 22%-38%

Vanilla Indonesia

Vanilla beans

Provenance: Indonesia
Packaging: For more information contact our offices.

Tipologia Tasso Umidità
Vanilla Tahitensis Ca. 9,70%
Vanilla Planifolia (Grade A) vanillina 1-1,2% Ca. 9,70%
Vanilla Planifolia (Extract grade) vanillina 0.5% Ca. 9,70%

Vanilla Madagascar

Bourbon vanilla beans

Provenance: Madagascar
Packaging: Packaged in waxed paper in a bellows bag and placed in a box containing each about 25 kg net.

Tipologia Tasso Umidità
Black Unsplit Vanilla (Noire Non Fendue) 30% +/- 5%
Red Unsplit Vanilla (Rouge Non Fendue CEE) 27% +/- 5%
Red Unsplit Vanilla (Rouge Non Fendue USA) 25% +/- 5%
Red Vanilla 14 – 16%
Black Split Vanilla (Noire Fendue) 30% +/- 5%
Red Split Vanilla (Rouge Fendue CEE) 27% +/- 5%
Red Split Vanilla (Rouge Fendue) 25% +/- 5%
Red Vanilla Class 1 & 2 14 – 20%

Powder, seeds, chop, cinnamon

Packaging: For more information
contact our offices.

IN POLVERE Tasso Umidità Origine
Polvere 9-12% Indonesia
Grade A Sotto 10% Madagascar
Grade C Sotto 10% Madagascar
SEMI DI VANIGLIA Tasso Umidità Origine
Semi di vaniglia 10% Madagascar
CHOP VANIGLIA Tasso Umidità Origine
Chop vaniglia 18-25% Madagascar
CANNELLA Tasso Umidità Origine
CINNAMON ZEYLANICUM Sotto 14% Madagascar