Per i Fornitori

Il marchio della freschezza direttamente dai produttori

“The Varesco Group company with several years of experience is your ideal partner – outstanding competence in INNOVATIVE AGRICULTURE.
We focus our attention to all demands present in the agricultural sector. The network our company is connected allows our producers of Trentino Alto Adige region, the regions of North and South Italy, the different European production areas, Mexico and our Cooperative of producers in different areas of South America, to reach national, European and international markets, thus guaranteeing the company’s constant expansion.

Thanks to our staff of experts in the field of planning and strategy development, we are able to effectively analyse markets for the purpose of promptly recognising new trends.
Moreover, we are committed to ensuring logistics and packaging assistance, advice on new production techniques, support for product certifications to our suppliers.
The advantage offered by of our team of professionals is that of creating long-term strategic alliances and partnerships. Our network of contacts offers suppliers guaranteed success in every business deal.”

I nostri numeri

We manage the organisation and delivery of the finest products. We import and export throughout the world and are able to satisfy the specific needs and requests of even the most demanding customers.

We have been committed to guaranteeing prompt delivery to our customers for years by optimizing our distribution systems.

Our products are invariably monitored thanks to our close and ongoing relationships with our expert and dependable logistics partners located all over the world

Our company works with many farmers in Europe and throughout the world and our customers are located in various areas of the world. Varesco Group manages every association in real time in order to guarantee the success of our business relationships – from filling your order to its delivery.

Our multi-lingual team is at your disposal every day and guarantees the constant surveillance of your order. It is prompt in its problem solving and offers clear and detailed answers to your every question.

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