Social responsability

Varesco promotes development cooperation and eco-sustainability

Social responsability and eco-sustainability

Varesco promotes development cooperation in one of the poorest countries in the world, carrying out activities that comply with international standards on human rights, decent work, social responsibility and environmental protection.

Varesco provides local farmers with economic, technical and resource support.

The Varesco education programme aims to support local communities to gain access to know-how, enabling them to have a future through agricultural activities and an autonomous and improving level of subsistence.

Varesco means respect for the environment.

Varesco supports local communities and creates jobs while respecting the balance between man and nature. We encourage sustainable development, combining the right yield for the farmer while respecting the ecosystem.

Vanilla powder and beans

Our team works directly with local growers to produce vanilla and market it efficiently, according to customer needs.

High quality cocoa products

Every day, in close contact with the producers, it guarantees a rigorous quality control system.

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